Military Veterans

Benefits for Military Members and Their Families

Credit for Hours Served

At Broadview College, you are eligible to receive college credit for your military training and experience.

Military Scholarships

Broadview offers scholarships specifically for our military personnel and veterans who qualify.

Military Active Duty/Retired Scholarship

Broadview College offers a scholarship designed to reward students for their military service to our country. Active duty and retired service members of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Drilling Reserve/National Guard are eligible for the scholarship. This scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with, or in addition to, any other Broadview College military scholarship. The scholarship is effective the date the application is completed and is not retroactive. Students will be responsible for costs including books, supplies and fees associated with the program or classes enrolled.

A 5% tuition discount is awarded for Muscle Activation Techniques students and a 25% tuition discount is awarded for all other programs.

Military Advantage Scholarship

Broadview College offers a military advantage scholarship for honorably discharged Veterans who are enrolled in a Muscle Activation Techniques® non-credit, short term module or registered in at least 6 credits in an undergraduate program or 3 credits in the Master’s program, and making satisfactory academic progress.

A 5% tuition discount is awarded for Muscle Activation Techniques students and a 10% tuition discount is awarded for all other programs.

Purple Heart Scholarship

For those who qualify, wounded service members and their families can qualify for this scholarship which covers the cost of remaining tuition and fees after all other benefits have been applied.

Eligible students include service members and veterans wounded in the Gulf Wars, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. In addition, the Purple Heart Scholarship is also available to the spouses, domestic partners, or dependents of service members killed in action. For Military Student Services, contact the campus by email or call 385-501-4803.

Veterans Affairs Educational Benefits

Students with military affiliation (themselves, spouse, or dependent) are directed to receive approval from the military member’s ESO, military counselor, or Service prior to enrollment. Military-affiliated students will also be connected with the school’s certifying official for additional guidance.

Broadview is dedicated to helping you make use of all the educational financial benefits for which you qualify, including:

Montgomery GI Bill® Active Duty Montgomery GI Bill® Selected Reserve Post-9/11 GI Bill® Survivors and Dependents Assistance Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) Survivors and Depended Assistance (DEA)

Academic Policies

Program/Curriculum Revisions

The school reserves the right to vary the sequence of courses and to revise curriculum content to upgrade program material. A student who drops from school for one or more quarters will be required to re-enter the program under catalog requirements current at the time of re-entry. Prerequisites for certain courses may be waived with the approval of the dean of education or campus director.


Degree requirements at the time of a service member’s enrollment will remain in effect for a period of at least one year beyond the program’s standard length provided the service member is in good academic standing and has been continuously enrolled. Service members may experience an adjustment to degree requirements as a result of a formal change to academic policy at least two years after the affected students have been notified or when courses or programs are no longer available or mandated state or accrediting body changes occurred. The school will identify low or no cost solutions for the service member that would not hinder the student from graduating in a timely manner.


The definition of a re-entry student is any student who drops from school after the first week of his/her initial quarter. The student must be out of school for at least one quarter or until the next start date. A re-entry student will be treated as a continuing student for all academic and financial requirements. A student who drops from school for one or more quarters will be required to re-enter the program under current catalog requirements. A student may have only one reinstatement unless extenuating circumstances exist.

Military Re-Entry

A service member or reservist who is temporarily unable to attend class or have suspended their studies due to service requirements will be promptly readmitted. The student must notify the school verbally or in writing of their intent to return to school within three years after the completion period of service. The school will admit the student in the same academic status, including the same or similar program, enrollment status, number of credit hours, and academic standing. The student may choose a different program and enrollment status.

Transfer of Credit Policy

The evaluation of transfer credit from other institutions to Broadview University involves the following considerations:

Approved Institutions

Credits for successfully completed courses at institutions accredited by agencies recognized by the United States Department of Education, or in some cases institutions recognized through state regulatory bodies or recognized International institutions, may be transferred upon the approval of the designated school official at the receiving institution. Veterinary Technology program has the additional requirement of programmatic accreditation for all core requirements.

A student can request an official transcript directly from each previously attended institution. Upon receiving an official transcript, Broadview University will evaluate transfer credits. Upon request, the student must submit a catalog description or course syllabus for consideration of transfer credits.

In evaluation of transfer credit decisions, Broadview University will carefully weigh the three considerations listed above while assisting students whenever possible to avoid repetition of coursework that applies directly to their program of study.

The transcript evaluation process begins as official transcripts are received. The evaluation of transfer credit will be provided within 60 days after admission to the school and all required official transcripts have been received. In the event that a transcript is not received in a timely manner, the transcript evaluation may not be complete prior to attendance in the first quarter of classes. Students should plan accordingly.

When the transcript evaluation process is complete, the student will be notified in writing of the result of the evaluation. Service members will receive and acknowledge the Military Transfer Credit document and a copy will be retained in the student file.

General Education

General education, including the disciplines of communications, natural science/mathematics, humanities, and social science, should be an integral part of all associate and bachelor’s degree programs in order to develop critical and analytic skills and broad perspectives that are associated with those levels of education. A degree implies that the student has achieved a knowledge base in general education that complements preparation in a major field of study.

Subject areas accepted towards general education requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:

Time Limit

General education, general studies, and elective credits shall have no transfer time limit. The timeliness of credits applied to career programs will be determined when evaluating transfer credits.

Credit Amount Transferred is Different than Equivalent Course Credit

Courses approved for transfer must be comparable in nature, content, and level and match at least 75 percent of the content and objectives of the course for which the student is seeking equivalent credit. In consideration of a course for course transfer, the amount of transfer credit will not exceed the credit value for the comparable Broadview University course offering.

Curriculum Changes that Change Credit and/or Content

Courses previously taken at BVU must be comparable in nature, content, and level and match at least 75 percent of the content and objectives of the course for which the student is seeking equivalent credit.

Credit Earned in Foreign Institutions

A student with a degree, certificate, or college-level credits from a non-U.S. institution of higher education shall have those credits evaluated at the student’s expense by an evaluator selected by the college. The student must provide an official transcript in the original language, a college catalog, and the translated transcript and course descriptions.

Courses that Do Not Transfer

BVU does not allow transfer credits for the following courses in the AAS Veterinary Technology program: VT224 Lab Animals, Exotics and Pocket Pets; VT259 Surgical Assisting; VT268 Dentistry; VT271 Production Animals; and VT281 Equine.

Courses that Do Not Apply Toward Graduation Requirements

In evaluating transfer credit, only courses that apply toward a student’s graduation requirements in the student’s program of study will be considered for transfer.

Block Transfer

Students who have completed an associate or a bachelor’s degree are eligible for a block transfer of general education requirements to be distributed as determined by the transfer specialist per the conditions below in all programs. Additional general education courses may be required outside of the credits accepted through block transfer where prerequisites exist to create a foundation for further learning.

A student who has completed an associate degree will be granted a general education block transfer to fulfill all general education

Military Transfer

College credit for military service may be awarded upon review of a military transcript. Minimally, a student will be awarded credit toward SS140 Interpersonal Relations for the successful completion of basic training. A student may also receive credit for SS103 Global Citizenship for completing basic training. Additional coursework on the transcript will be matched to comparable BVU courses.

Core and General Education Requirements

The general education requirement for an AAS degree is a minimum of 30 quarter-hour credits in the general education disciplines, with a minimum of three credits in each of the following areas: communications, humanities, natural science/mathematics, and social science.

The general education requirement for a bachelor’s degree is a minimum of 54 quarter-hour credits in the general education disciplines, with a minimum of six credits in each of the following areas: communications, humanities, natural science/mathematics, and social science.

A student enrolling in a bachelors degree program who has graduated with an AAS degree may be eligible for a core block transfer of up to 60 credits. The student will be required to complete 30 percent of the program at the 300/400 level.

The institution reserves the rights to alternate courses within the program to improve the quality of the program of study. Upon the approval of the network dean or dean of education/ students, general education coursework may be accepted as specialization elective coursework if it is determined to be commonly required in that program area. A course accepted as a specialization elective will not be accepted as a general education course.

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