Covid-19 Response Information

Broadview College’s Covid-19 Response Information

CARES Act Grant Information:

As part of the CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF), we are publicly disclosing the allocation of these emergency funds through the links below.

Here are the guidelines Broadview College will be following as students return to campus starting on May 4, 2020.

1. Face Masks/Bandanas

All students, staff, and instructors will be required to wear a face mask (bandana, etc) at ALL TIMES beyond the administrative area. The administrative area includes the front desk, cubicle area, and surrounding offices. The administrative area will have masks but not required when others are not in vicinity.

There are Faces Masks at the FRONT DESK – they can be checked out and returned while on campus. They will be sterilized at the end of each day.

BVC Campus has more than 50 on campus currently.

2. Keep your Distance

In classes, labs and study areas, please keep 6 feet of distance where possible. We understand that working with animals may prevent full compliance but when applicable, keep appropriate distance.

NO HANDSHAKES OR HUGS – we are excited to have students interacting on campus once again but maintain proper touch and space guidelines

3. Wash Hands, Cover Mouth, Maintain good hygiene

4. Sanitation

Please use hand sanitizer and Kleenex around the building. There will be a deep clean occurring starting May 1st. Students, staff, and instructors will be REQUIRED to clean table and chairs after use.

5. Student Lounge, Library and Rooms 102, 105, 108, 112

These rooms are set aside for study within proper social distancing parameters. With the warmer weather, students, staff and instructors are welcome to use outdoor areas while maintain social distancing.

6. Cleaning and Disinfecting

As students and instructors finish in Vet Tech lab areas, it will be required that rooms main touch points and areas are cleaned and disinfected before every one leaves and the next group of students arrive.

7. Dress Code

Scrubs will be required on campus at this time. Please ensure they are clean and laundered.